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Each Student will create a pattern cornrow as their foundation covered with a net. Track placement, weaving techniques, and closure variation will be discussed and learned. Each student will cut and curl their mannequin full sewn-in weave to their desire.

Material Needed: Medium to Long hair-length mannequin, mannequin stand, shears, rattail comb, all-purpose comb, hair clamps, double prong hair clips, thread, 3-5 curved weaving needle, track glue, hand-held hair dryer, and flat iron. (2 packs of Human Track Hair will be provided by Instructor)

Cost: $350.00 (6 hours)

Basic Braiding & Hair Extension

Starting, Maintenance & Styling Locs

Full Sewn-In Weave

This class includes in-depth knowledge on how to proper cleanse, moisturize, and care for Locs. The three stages of Locs development will be learned. Each student will participate with a live model the different palm rolling techniques and clipping placement. Students will also learn how to maintenance and style the model(s) Locs all at once.

Material Needed: Medium-to-Long hair length mannequin, mannequin stand, rattail comb, all-purpose comb, hair clamps, 4-6 packs of double prong clips, gel(practice pomade). Model(s) will be provided by the instructor.

Cost: $300.00 (4 hours)

This class includes the following techniques and styles learned:

3 Ways to Plait, 2 Ways to Cornrow, Micro Cornrow, Design Cornrow, Two Strand Twist, Individual Braid, Micro Braid, Senegalese/Marley/Nubian Twist, Feed-in Cornrow, and French Cornrow.


Materials Needed: Medium hair-length mannequin, mannequin stand, rattail comb, all-purpose comb, shears, hair clamps, and hair clips. (Hair will be provided by Instructor)


Cost: $225.00 (4 hours)

Please Contact Ms. Safiya Richards directly to schedule a session and/or for more information at 240.271.7781 or 
Natural Hairstyling